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How To Choose A Durable Laminate Flooring To Suit Your Family’s Needs

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Are you in the market for a new laminate floor for your home? One of the most common questions we receive is how to choose the most suitable residential floor product. Our customers want guidance on how to choose the most durable product in their price range.

One factor in determining the best floor suitable for residential use will depend on how much foot traffic it will need to withstand. The Abrasion Class (or AC) rating system provides a useful guideline for consumers on the durability of a laminate flooring product. The most common rating recommended for homeowners is AC3 — right in the middle of the AC scale that ranges from AC1 to AC5. Thickness of a laminate product will also play a role in its longevity. Read on for tips on how to choose the right laminate flooring for your home.

The Relationship Between Abrasion Class And Durability

The AC scale for rating a laminate floor product is based on durability as well as other factors including resistance to abrasions, stains, burns, and impact. The AC rating also provides a guideline on the most suitable use of a laminate floor product, whether it is for residential or commercial use. With this in mind, homeowners looking for a very high quality laminate floor shouldn’t assume they should buy AC7 flooring. If you are a homeowner, you will do well with a mid-grade, or AC3 floor — and no higher than one rated AC4. The reason for this limitation is that AC4 is often too hard for home floors; they are designed to withstand years of use for office or retail spaces.

How Does Thickness, Or Weight, Of Flooring Affect Durability?

The thickness, or weight, of a laminate floor is another indicator of quality and durability; in essence, the thicker the floor, the sturdier the product (and as an added bonus, the more it feels like the real thing!) The most common flooring thicknesses range from 6mm to 12 mm (although it is possible to buy them as thick as 15mm). A thicker, heavier product will certainly withstand regular wear and tear better than a thinner one, and with proper care, will look new for years to come. If you have a larger than average sized family resulting in more than the average wear and tear, a 12 mm floor is a good option for your home. For single people and families with young children, generally speaking, an 8 mm floor should be very suitable.

If In Doubt About Quality Or Durability, Ask An Expert

Now that you are armed with knowledge about the grades and thickness of laminate floors, it’s time for the fun part: finding the perfect flooring for your home! As a final tip, keep in mind that the quality of one product may vary greatly from another. It is worthwhile to research reviews and ask an expert if you have a particular product in mind before you buy.

If you have any questions we can help with, please contact us! We are always happy to help you choose the best flooring for your family’s needs.

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